Love of the common people/Hangin'on/Only the greatest/Jewels / Waylon Jennings
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Money cannot make the rain. Young widow brown. You've got to hide your love away. Love of the common people. I tremble for you. Destiny's child. Ruby, don't take your love to town. The road. If the shoe fits. Don't waste your time. Taos, new Mexico. Two streaks of steel. Hangin' on. Julie. The crowd. Let me talk to you. Woman, don't you ever laugh at me. The chokin' kind. Gentle on my mind. Right before my eyes. Lock, stock and teardrops. I fall in love so easily. Looking at a heart that needs a home. How long have you been there. Only daddy that'll walk the line. California sunshine. Weakness in a man. Sorrow (Breaks a good man down). Christina. Such a waste of love. Walk on out of my mind. Kentucky woman. Long gone. You'll think of me. Wave goodbye to me. Too far gone. New York city R.F.D.. Today I started loving you again. Folsom prison blues. If you were mine to lose. See you around (On your way down). Six strings away. Yours love. How much rain can one man stand. Mental revenge. I'm doing this for you. You love the ground I walk on. My Ramona
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